Worldwide Map Of Homebrewers – connect with others in your area

As of a service to the homebrewing community world wide Home Brew Supply has created a worldwide map of homebrewers and homebrew clubs.

About from Home Brew Supply: “Homebrewing itself is at the very core of Homebrew Supply, and if it weren’t for Homebrew Clubs across the United States people like myself wouldn’t have developed an ambition to homebrew. Because of this dire need for community we decided to establish a physical map of everyone that shares our passion.

The Global Hombrewer Connection™ is an open source for both Homebrewers and Homebrew Clubs. The hope is that through this map we can facilitate the creation of new Homebrew Clubs while also encouraging growth in established Clubs.

Cheers to the prosperity of Homebrewers, Clubs, and a continued love for our craft!”

Map of Homebrewers

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