Finding Wyeast 1764 Rogue Pacman Yeast

Wyeast 1764 Pacman Yeast

Rogue’s “Pacman” Yeast Strain is available to homebrewers via Wyeast 1764

From the AIH’s product description, link below, check product page for current description, price and availability:


Species : Ale

  • Fermentation Temp Range (°F) : 60-72
  • Apparent Attenuation Range (%) : 72-78
  • Flocculation : Medium-High
  • Alcohol Tolerance : 12%

Pitching/Fermentation : John Maier (Rogue Brewmaster) says it loves a 60 degree ferment. Pacman is alcohol tolerant, flocculent, attenuates well and will produce beers with little to no diacetyl.

Notes : Very mild fruit complements a dry, mineral finish making this a fairly neutral strain. Pacman’s flavor profile and performance makes it a great choice for use in many different beer styles.

Best Styles : American Pale Ale, American Amber Ale, American Brown Ale, Brown Porter, Cream Ale, Irish Red Ale, Strong Scotch Ale, Dry Stout, American Stout, Russian Imperial Stout, American IPA, Imperial IPA, American Barleywine, Fruit Beer, Spice/Herb/or Vegetable Beer, Christmas/Winter Specialty Spice Beer, Other Smoked Beer, Wood-Aged Beer


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