Flash Sale: 15% Off eBay! App Only + Lots of Great Homebrew Deals – applies to MAP Items

Thanks to Twitter Follower [connect with HBF on Twitter] Matt for this tip!
As of this posting eBay is discounting nearly EVERYTHING by 15%.  You must use eBay’s app on your mobile device to get the deal.  No minimum purchase, the maximum discount is capped at $100 and you can only use this coupon one time per eBay account.  You can add multiple items to your cart.

Flash Sale 15% off eBay!

Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing

This is a great chance to get a deal on MAP items at a discounted price.  MAP = Minimum Advertised Priced.  Retailers generally carry this merchandise at the same price and cannot discount it.  This type of a sale is a rare loophole that allows you to beat MAP pricing.

Some items to consider…

  1. TILT Bluetooth Hydrometer! + includes free spare battery –  Hands on Review
  2. Ss Brewtech Chronicals!  Search Lion Brewing Solutions for “Chronical”* – Double check to make sure the offering you’re looking at is being offered at MAP – search MoreBeer for Chronical
  3. Anvil Brewing Stainless Bucket Fermentor 7.5 Gallon Fermenter Made By Blichmann* –  Hands on Review
  4. Blichmann BrewVision Digital Brewing Wireless Thermometer*
  5. Used 1/6 Barrel Stainless Steel 5 Gallon Commercial Beer Keg Sanke D Sixtel
  6. Draft Beer Kegerator Tower Cooling Fan Kit
  7. LaMotte Brewlab Plus Water Test Kit Homebrew Beer Wine Digital pH Meter Included – Hands on Review
  8. Gas/Liquid Ball Lock Corny Beer Keg Disconnects For Cornelius Style Home Brew
  9. Plastic Airlock (pack of 12)
  10. 6 PK FRESH FERMENTIS SAFALE US-05 American Ale Home Beer Brewing Yeast Homebrew
  11. Kegs via seller Beverage Elements
  12. Beer Wine Filter Kit 5 Micron Home Brewing Clarification w/Corny Keg Connectors
  13. Pin Lock Spunding Valve – Build a Spunding Valve! – How and Why
  14. New VEVOR Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle Brewing Stock Pot Beer Set
  15. Blichmann Riptide Brewing Pump* – I believe MAP is about $199.99
  16. Handmade Wooden Tap Handle Draft Beer English Pub Style Plain Simple
  17. Intertap Towers, Faucets and Accessories
  18. Hops via Hop Heaven
  19. Blichmann Beer Gun V2* – I believe MAP is around $99.99
  20. SS Brewtech Brew Bucket – Search ss brewtech brew bucket – limits to free shipping and price between $199 and $200 (current MAP pricing)* – Hands on Review
  21. StirStarter Stir Plate – already an outstanding at the pre-discounted price of $42
  22. Blichmann BoilerMaker G2 KettlesHands on Review – compare at MoreBeer to find MAP for the size you want
  23. BrewBuilt­™ 10-50 Gallon Brewing Kettle – Free Shipping Stainless Steel Beer Pot
  24. You Pick 1 – 10 Packs Mangrove Jack’s M44 US West Coast Ale Yeast IPA DBL IPA
  25. PBW – the 6 lb size is a great deal at the pre-discounted price
  26. Mark II Keg and Carboy Washer – Hands on Review
  27. Keg King Kegerators! – Hands on Review: Keg King Kegerator!
  28. GrowlerWerks uKeg 64 oz & 128 oz Pressurized Growler w FREE CO2 for Craft Beer – Hands on Review uKeg 128 Growler
  29. All American Personal Beer Can Seamer Homebrew Canner for 12 & 16 oz Cans 225
  30. Robobrew V3 All In One Brewing System with Pump
  31. Brewer’s Edge Mash and Boil – All Grain Brewing System – Electric Brew System – Hands on Review: Brewer’s Edge Mash & Boil Electric Brewery
  32. 7 Gallon Chapman Stainless Fermenter Boil Kettle Ported Homebrew Moonshine Beer – Hands On Review: Chapman Brewing SteelTank Fermenter
  33. 5 Gallon glass carboy- Homebrew Beer Wine Mead Cider Moonshine Kombucha
  34. Grainfather Conicals! Pro Edition | Pro Cooling Edition | Basic
  35. 7 Gallon Conical The Catalyst Fermentation System for Homebrewing FREE Star San
  36. MKII Stainless Head Magnetic Brewing Beer Pump w/ FREE Head by Keg King 1/2″ mpt
  37. Beer Brewing 2200 Watt Stainless Steel Heating Element – Electric Kettle Keg
  38. Mash Paddle Made by Hand in the USA Maple
  39. Pin Lock Keg Socket Corny Keg
  40. Anvil Brewing Stainless Bucket Fermentor 4 Gallon Conical Bottom Fermenter – Hands on Review of 7.5 gallon size
  41. Inkbird ITC-308 Pre-Wired Digital dual 110V Temperature Controller Temp control – Hands on Review
  42. Angle-Bonnet-for-Draft-Beer-Faucet-Tap-Handle
  43. Grainfather Connect All In One Brewing System with FREE GrainCoat w Bluetooth
  44. 8 Gallon Conical Fermenter
  45. Search Anvil*
  46. Search Blichmann*
  47. Search Chapman Brewing Equipment
  48. Search SS Brewtech*

* indicates an opportunity to get a deal on MAP items that are typically excluded from sales.

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