Compact Regulator for FULL Size CO2 Tanks + Portable Serving Options

Micro CO2 Mini Regulator Keg Charger for Standard Homebrew CGA320 Tanks (0-60 PSI)

Micro CO2 Mini Regulator Keg Charger for Standard Homebrew CGA320 Tanks (0-60 PSI) by The Weekend Brewer

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

  • PORTABLE. Keep dispensing pressure in your keg when you are away from home without bulky CO2 regulator. This system is more lightweight and keeps your mobile setup simple. A simple regulator + disconnect + CO2 tank is one of the simplest ways to keep dispensing pressure in your keg. Disconnect and tank not included.
  • EASY TO USE. Connect your homebrew CO2 tank, set the dial, and attach to your keg via a gas disconnect or gas line assembly. No need for an unwieldy dual gauge regulator when dispensing on the go. Using your existing CO2 tank is the most economical way of dispensing multiple kegs without the high cost of cartridges.
  • ACCURATE with a 0-45 PSI range makes dialing in the perfect dispense or force carbonation pressure for any size container easy. This regulator is also compatible with 3/8″ threaded CO2 cartridges without any extra equipment.
  • FLEXIBLE platform allows for a wide variety of setups with The Weekend Brewer mini regulator accessories. Use anything from disposable cartridges to paintball tanks for your input. Choose from threaded female, male threaded, or push in adapters for your output. Search Amazon for B079SGQMDY to find our accessories.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED? 0-45 PSI micro CO2 regulator, pre-installed 3/8″ cartridge input adapter (removable), CGA320 input adapter, pre-installed 5/16″ barb output adapter (removable).

Notes from HBF:  Mini and Micro regulators have been out for a long time.  Those, generally, allow you to serve a keg using smaller 16 gram to 74 gram cartridges.  This micro regulator is different in that it’s designed to work with a full size co2 tank.  It saves you some bulk and weight compared to a full size regulator and negates the need for relatively expensive co2 cartridges.  Additional adapters are available to allow this to work with other CO2 sources.  See search link in the product description above.

Micro CO2 Mini Regulator Keg Charger for Standard Homebrew CGA320 Tanks (0-60 PSI)

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