CarbSquatch Forced Carbonation Accelerator – $82.95 + Free Shipping, Limited Supply

CarbSquatch Carbonation Accelerator

The CarbSquatch Carbonation Accelerator from MoreBeer

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Accurately carbonate your beer in just 24 hours with the CarbSquatch! Easily attaches to the outisde of your homebrew keg with the included mounting band. No need to crank up your regulator to 30 psi or waste time shaking and rolling your keg to speed up force carbonation!

CarbSquatch uses the laws of physics to accelerate the carbonation process – simple and easy.

Henry’s Law tells us that at a given pressure and temperature we will have a known amount of CO2 in the beer, when it reaches equilibrium. Reducing the time it takes to accurately carbonate our beer is what every brewer wants, and that’s where Fick’s Law comes in.

We can try and carbonate more quickly using high pressure tricks, but this leads to over or under carbonated beer, and quite possibly more equipment to clean. We really don’t need anything more to clean in our brewing process…

The easiest and most effective method of accelerating the carbonation process is by simply increasing the surface area of the beer exposed to CO2 – Fick’s Law helps explain this for us. Transfer of CO2 into the beer happens only where it makes contact with the beer. In a passive force carbonation process CO2 enters the beer only through the flat beer surface in the headspace of the keg. That’s a small surface area over which the entire CO2 load for the keg must move into solution in the beer.

This is why a keg takes about 3 weeks to fully carbonate in a ‘normal’ process; actual time as measured with our high precision CO2 flow monitors. It takes much longer than most people think.

CarbSquatch has an internal eccentric weight which operates at a specific mass and frequency to create the right wave motion in the keg which significantly increases the surface area of the beer exposed to CO2. Exposing more beer to more CO2 dramatically accelerates the carbonation process, with no foaming or beer abuse. And, since you’re using the correct pressure (and temperature) according to Henry’s Law, you know you’ll have perfectly carbonated beer. With no cleaning. In 24 hours. Simple.

Care and Use
Use the included mounting band to attach CarbSquatch to the keg. It’s intended to be a tight fit, to hold Squatch in place during the carbonation process.

CarbSquatch should be attached to the keg so the top of the back mounting surface is even with the top ring of the keg (a few inches higher than how it’s shown in the photos) or near the surface of the beer if your keg isn’t entirely full. This placement creates the correct wave motion of the beer inside the keg; placing it lower on the keg will result in less desirable surface area generation.

Set your regulator to your desired pressure + 1 PSI and attach the CO2 line to the ‘out’ port on the keg – this is important. The added 1 PSI accounts for the hydrostatic pressure of the beer in the keg over the diptube. Injecting the CO2 through the diptube creates a stirring action in the keg further increasing overall beer exposure to the CO2 in the headspace of the keg.

After 24 hours, you’re finished. Reduce your PSI to the desired setpoint and attach the CO2 line to the normal ‘gas in’ port. Easy, perfectly carbonated beer. Cheers to your new favorite brew buddy!

Notes on Henry’s Law & Carbonation

  • The main components of carbonation for us are pressure, temperature, and surface area. Most people focus on pressure; we’ve talked about surface area, but temperature is just as important and generally does not receive the focus it needs.
  • Your beer must be fully chilled for you to accurately carbonate in a specific period of time and achieve repeatable results, no matter what process you may use. It takes much longer than you may think for a full keg of beer to chill completely to a specific temperature – test your system to know how long this is.
  • Since carbonation is also dependent on temperature, if you start any kind of carbonation process before your beer is fully chilled, you will not get the results you expect or want in the time you believe it will take. It’s the law.
  • Check carefully for CO2 leaks. There is nothing worse than having flat beer when you were looking forward to a great homebrew, all because of a tiny CO2 leak somewhere.


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CarbSquatch – Force Carbonation Accelerator KEG585 – $89.99 $82.95 + Free Shipping

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