Epoxy Flooring for Your Home Brewery – Tips and Tricks

This is a How To Guest Post by Brew Floors. Brew Floors offers a wide variety of epoxy floor coating systems for virtually any budget or application. All epoxy products come with necessary installation accessories, non skid additive, and complete instructions. All systems are easy to apply, and require NO special skills. Simply follow the included instructions. We also offer free, unlimited phone or email support if you have questions.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Epoxy Flooring For Your Brewery

Choosing the right flooring system can be hard. However, it doesn’t need to be! When you are in the planning phases of building your brewery you need to take in these factors when deciding on an epoxy flooring system.

Usage: Every brewery, whether home or commercial has different levels of usage. If you are building a home brewery in your garage, basement, or outdoor house we recommend using a 2 layer coating system which is ideal for smaller home breweries. Home breweries may face less harsh chemical in the brewing process. If you’re building a commercial brewery you should consider using a 2 or 3 layer coating system that has a chemical resistant top coat.

Budget: Depending on what your budget is this can big a factor when deciding what type of flooring system you want to purchase. It is always recommended that you invest heavily in this part of the project so you don’t have floor issue down the road. Brew Floors flooring system start at $0.99 per square foot and go up to $5.50 square foot.

Current Floor Condition: There are many different types of floor conditions. There are new or unpainted/unsealed concrete, sealed floors, oily/greasy floors, painted concrete, and drains and open areas. All of these floor conditions require different levels of floor preparation.

Epoxy Brewery Floor Installation Tips

Quick tips that will help you install your brewery floor the right way!

Environment: Make sure the floor is as dry as possible. Without any puddles or water. Don’t apply epoxy to a damp or wet floor!

Tape the Edge: Tape the outer edge and once the product is applied, remove the tape prior to the product curing. If you forget to do this the tap can be very difficult to remove.

Work Fast: Most epoxy has a limited working time, so best to have people assistant doing the mixing and the feeding of the application.

Topcoat: Wait a full 24 hours to topcoat. If you topcoat too soon your floor may fail!

Cleanup: Once the epoxy floor system is fully cured you can use water and a mop to clean the floor. If you need to clean the paint, it’s best to use a Xylene.

Floor Repair Tips

Every floor is unique by its surface, texture, and wear and tear it’s been exposed to. Some floors may need repairing before an epoxy floor installation. Others may need maintenance after a long period of usage. Here are a few tips we suggest!

Leveling and patching holes and corrosion: These types of floors are not easily repaired by epoxy so we suggest using a cementitious floor resurfacer. Allow adequate time for curing prior to applying the epoxy.

Crack Filling: Remove any loose or flaking material from the cracks. You can use an angle grinder or other tools if necessary. Make sure the crack filler is cured before applying the epoxy unless specified by the distributor.

Larger cracks: Use epoxy Mortar or a Flexible Joint Sealer to fill expansion joints or saw cuts in concrete. If the joints are deep you can fill them with sand and then fill with an Epoxy Mortar

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