AHS “Wild Card Ale – an All Grain Recipe Kit for… $15.99

AHS Wild Card Ale (23) - ALL GRAIN

About from AHS: “Yearning to brew another batch, but not sure what to make? Finally there is a solution to this age old problem. Brew the Wild Card!

This is a truly unique all grain recipe that you’re sure to never replicate. The enjoyment is limitless.”

As of this posting, this is on sale for just $15.99. Check AHS for current availability and price.

AHS Wild Card Ale (23) – ALL GRAIN

The recipe lists 10 lbs mixed grain as the grain bill.  My guess is that this is AHS’s Wunder Grain About, from AHS: “This is mixed grain malt resulting over mills or errors. We do our best to prevent every error, but sometimes it happens, so we offer you a discounted malt to experiment with. It is not known the exact ratio or combination of base to specialty grains. Nevertheless this has become one of our most popular grains. Try our shot in the dark mini mash recipe or our all grain wild card ale which utilizes this grain.”

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