#10 Two Hole Stopper and Thermowell [Inkbird Compatible] – for PET Carboys and Chapman UniVessels

thermowell#10 Stopper and Thermowell for use with compatible PET Carboys and Chapman UniVessel Fermenters.  The stopper has two holes so that it can accommodate both the thermowell and an airlock.

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“This carboy thermowell is used in conjunction with the Inkbird Digital Controllers and many others, to more accurately regulate internal temperature during fermentation. It is exceptionally useful during the start of fermentation when the lag between ambient temperature in the refrigerator and actual temperature in the carboy can vary greatly. Now you can keep your beer or wine within one degree of the set point on your digital controller. Designed to fit either 3, 5 or 6 gallon PLASTIC carboys or any other similarly sized opening hole. The unit comes with a 15″ stainless steel thermowell and a #10 silicone stopper that will accommodate our sanitary filter, FIL90, as well. It can be used in any container with a stopper opening of this size where you need to accurately monitor and control liquid temperature  .Inner Diameter of Thermowell: .255″ Works with new 2016 Rancos too!”

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#10 Stopper Thermowell Two Hole Bung For Plastic PET Carboys And Chapman Univessel Fermenters

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