Mark II Keg and Carboy Washer – $89.99 + Hands on Review

From Brewer Dude: “Mark’s Mark II Keg Washer™ is designed to clean and sanitize large vessels like cornelius kegs and carboys. It is also intended to provide a sanitation container for miscellaneous items such as airlocks, thermometers, tubing, keg fittings, and more.”

I have this and like it very much.  It’s one of my favorite pieces of brewing gear.  It’s saved me a lot of time and hassle.  Check out my Hands on Review

As of this posting, this is selling for $99.  Check product page for current price and availability.

Stacks With: As of this posting Brewer Dude is offering 10% off site wide and also has a flat rate shipping promo going on. It’s my understanding that the Mark II is now a M.A.P. item.  MAP = minimum advertised price.  In other words, discounts on this great tool will be more difficult to come by.  Guessing this works with Brewer Dude’s sale because they aren’t explicitly advertising it as a Mark II Keg and Carboy discount.  This promo brings the Mark II Keg & Carboy Washer down to $89.99.  Shipping on your entire order (with a $35 minimum) to most US addresses is $7.99.  Remember to use promo code MADNESS to get this deal.  Check Brewer Dude for current availability.

Mark II Keg & Carboy Washer

Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing

10% Off at Brewer Dude!  – remember promo code MADNESS

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