Keg King Ball Lock Disconnects – $3.99

William’s Brewing has Keg King’s lineup of ball lock Quick Disconnects.

Here’s the deal – in my opinion, CM Becker QDs are the best around.  There are knock offs or off-brands that do work, but just don’t seem (again IMO) to be as good.

Enter Keg King, they are making some pretty stellar stuff at great prices.  I ordered their QDs from William’s and took a look.  They appear to be similar quality to CM Becker at a better price.  I’ll report back over time, but, upon first looks, these are another home run for Keg King.

Note: William’s has had a bit of a problem keeping this in stock.  I had planned on posting about these earlier, but there were stock problems.  As of this posting, they are available again, but check William’s Brewing for up to the minute price and availability.

Keg King QDs at William’s Brewing

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