Spunding Valve Build: “Cheapest Option”

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A Spunding Valve allows you to maintain a set pressure.  If pressure in the vessel exceeds the set point, it is expelled.  It generally consists of an adjustable PRV valve, a tee, a gauge and a way to connect to your keg.  Read lots and lots more about Spunding Valves, ways to use them and different build options on our Spunding Valve Resource Post

Cheapest Option:  Generally speaking, the brass variations of the fittings featured in our various Spunding Valve builds are probably going to be the most economical route to go.  This is a general statement and may not always be the case.  Check product pages for current prices and availability.

Components – all parts via Amazon:

Product pages may display other size variations of the fittings used here.  If a particular size is out of stock, sometimes suppliers link to another size.  All thread sizes for this build, both NPT and barbs, are 1/4″.

Brass Combo –  This package gets you two brass tees and two brass barbs: WYNNsky Metals Brass Pipe Fitting Barstock Tee 2 PCS 1/4″ x 1/4″ x 1/4″ NPT Female Pipe 2 PCS 1/4″ NPT X 1/4″ Hose ID Brass Hose Barb Fittings – this combo would replace the two Anderson Metals Fittings above

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Make sure the components you use are compatible and rated for your intended application.  Contact manufacturer with questions about suitability or a specific application.  Always read and follow manufacturer directions.


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