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TriGlow T83901 40-Watt LED 4' Linkable Shop Light

TriGlow T83901 40-Watt LED 4′ Linkable Shop Light via Woot

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

The TriGlow LED shop light fixture was created using the latest LED technology available and features cutting edge designs with a focus on increased energy efficiency. This LED shop light is solid-state, shockproof, and vibration proof; making this one of the safest and most reliable of options when it comes to LED technology. It is truly the perfect choice to replace your conventional shop lights. This fixture features a cool white glow (4100K) and high luminous efficiency with 4100 lumen output, which is sure to brighten any space. With an average lifetime of 50,000 hours, virtually zero maintenance required, and energy savings, the shop light will pay for itself!

  • Highly efficient LED technology replaces your standard bulbs/ fixtures, saving you in energy costs every year!
  • High luminous efficiency with 4100 lumen output provides an extra bright atmosphere. Features a Cool White Color – 4000K
  • This fixture comes with a chain attachment that is simple to hang in the desired location and is linkable, allowing you to link several fixtures to each other
  • 50,000 hours is the average lifetime of this fixture and is backed by a 3-Year manufacturer warranty
  • Energy Star approved means that this is certified to be energy efficient, helping you save money and protect the environment


My main brewing area is in my basement.  I have several similar [Hyperikon LED Shop Lights – via Amazon] (different manufacturer, model and specs) lights in my brewing area.  They have made a huge difference.  They have made it easier and more pleasant to work in my brewery.

Today 2/5/18 only, while supplies last, Woot has these marked down to $29.99.  Check Woot for current offering, description, price and availability.


Update: This promo has expired or pricing, availability or description has changed – Check the supplier’s site or product page for current availability

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