Mash Tun Conversion Kit for 10 Gallon Coolers – $59.49


COOLER CONVERSION KIT (10 Gallon Coolers) from William’s Brewing: “This kit will convert all 10 gallon Igloo and all current (sold since 06/01/2015) Rubbermaid round water coolers into an insulated mash tun. Everything is included, the stainless false bottom, valve, connecting barbs, silicone seals, and tubing.

This includes our new more efficient false bottom with a wort pickup pipe that is held ¼” from the floor of the cooler for maximum efficiency, and a silicone lip for the false bottom to both securely seal it to the cooler bottom and prevent cooler scratches.”

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“Fits all current 10 gallon Igloo® and Rubbermaid® (AKA Home Depot®) water coolers.

Just remove the valve from your existing 10 gallon cooler, and install the KettleValve with its patented O ring retaining groove on the outside, and the inside false bottom and hose attachment.  Includes a 3/8″ outlet hose barb.

This fits all Igloo and current model (as of 06/01/2015) Rubbermaid/Home Depot 10 gallon water coolers.”


As of this posting, this is selling for $69.99.  Check William’s Brewing for up to the minute price and availability



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