Hands on Review: 6″ x 4″ Budget Magnetic “Drip Tray”

Here’s a hands on look at the CMS Magnetics Magnetic Tool Tray Tool Organizer for use a magnetic drip tray.

Note: This is not intended by the manufacturer to be used as a kegerator drip tray.  It is a magnetic tool organizer tray.  This is the 6″x 4″ size, but other sizes are available.  Search: cms magnetics tool tray on Amazon

Some use this as an economy drip tray.  It is magnetic so you can mount it to a freezer or refrigerator based kegerator.   Credit for this idea goes to /u/laserwash2000 on reddit r/homebrewing.

Top down view of the tray

Back view.  Two hefty magnets on top.  There is a hole in the top left corner.  There is protective rubber padding on the bottom.

Side view

Front view

Installed on my kegerator.  My faucets are about 3 1/2″ on center.

Centered on a single faucet

This is 6″ wide

and about 4″ deep

It has plenty of holding power for use as a drip tray.  Here it is holding a 1 kg calibration weight.  That’s about 2.2 lbs.  In fairness the weight is toward the back of the drip tray.  If it’s toward the front of the drip tray it slips.  Still, this is a great illustration that this has plenty of holding power.

One of my concerns about this was – since this is a tool tray and not designed for use with liquids, is it watertight??  It may be difficult to see from this picture, but I can tell you… no it is not water tight.  At least mine isn’t.

You can see the light shining through the corner.  I found this to be true for each corner.  This tray is not watertight.  I filled mine up with water.  Practically speaking, this probably won’t be a problem in real use scenarios.  A few drips is a lot different than full to the brim.  This is also an easy shortcoming to fix.  A dab of silicone in each corner shoulder resolve the issue.

Since I have a drip tray already, here’s what I’ll be using mine for.  As a home for my Eagle Cap Off Bottle Opener

If you’re in the market for a cheap drip tray solution, this one is a winner.  It’s not stainless and it’s not really a drip tray, but it works pretty well.

I would love to see a drip tray manufacturer develop a lineup that includes magnets like this.

CMS Magneitcs® Magnetic Tool Tray 6×4.5×1.25″ Black Tool Organizer – on Amazon


Thanks to Twitter Follower [connect with HBF on Twitter] Peter for a picture of these in action!

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