Great Deal: 22 Madagascar Vanilla Beans – $38.99, $1.77 Each + Free Shipping

 Have one to sell? Sell now 22 vanilla beans from madagascar. 7 to 8 inch

Vanilla beans have been expensive lately, very expensive.  As an example, we’ve featured this offering in the past at $37.95.  As of this posting, it’s $97.95 or $3.27 per bean.

As if this posting, this is eBay offering is selling for just $38.99.  That figures to $1.77 per bean.  A bargain in the current market.  Shipping is also free to select addresses.  Check the listing for up to the minute price, description and availability.

Add to your favorite homebrew recipe – maybe a stout or porter – either directly or by soaking in vodka or something similar.  This could all work well in a barrel.  See a link to our barrels tag below.

22 vanilla beans from madagascar. 7 to 8 inch

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