Keg King MKII High Temp Pump – $59.99 + Free Shipping

Keg King MKII High Temp Magnetic Drive Pump

Keg King MKII High Temp Magnetic Drive Pump via MoreBeer

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This magnetic drive pump is a perfect pump for your brew system. Use it to move hot wort in an all-grain system and also to transfer wort from boil kettle to fermenter. The housing of the unit is made from tough, food grade polysulfone. The magnetic drive allows you to slow down the flow without damaging the pump. This pump is not self priming so do not run the pump dry. An optional stainless head, PMP501, can also be purchased.


  • 110v/60hz
  • 3.4 meter max head
  • 5 Gal/19L max flow
  • 1/2 inch fittings
  • Max temperature – 248 F/ 120 C
  • Water resistant (not proof!) casing


I use my brewing pump (different model and different manufacturer) for vorlaufing/recirculating, transferring from my mash tun to brew kettle, chilling with a recirculating wort chiller and transferring to my fermenter.

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Keg King MKII High Temp Magnetic Drive Pump MP500$69.99 $59.99 + Free Shipping

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