Introducing: Mini Flex Compact Modular Regulators

Mini Flex Regulators

Keg Connection has introduced the Mini Flex Compact Modular Regulator.  This is similar to some of the compact regulators we’ve seen in the pack, but a lot more flexibility.  You can use this with a standard CGA320 type tank, 74g cartridges or 16 gram cartridges.

We’ve covered mini regulators on HBF in the past. The general benefits uses are…

  • Portable Serving: As an on-the-go regulator.
  • Backup – I’m out of CO2 and I want to pour a beer! Use as a backup if your main CO2 tank runs out.  Swap out the CO2 line for this regulator and you’ve got a temporary solution to keep you up and going until you can get more CO2.
  • Serve Beers at Alternate Carbonation Levels: This regulator goes up to 30 PSI.  That’s plenty to serve high carbonation beers like Hefeweizens and Belgians.  If you don’t have a dual or triple pressure setup, you could use this regulator to serve beers at higher pressures.  I would not suggest force carbonation with this unit.  The 74g cartridges would be pricey. You could carbonate using your existing regulator or just as easily naturally carbonate with priming sugar.  After the beer is completely carbonated, use this to serve at the higher pressure.

The flexibility offered by the Mini Flex takes the concept to another level.

Mini Flex Compact Regulator at Keg Connection

The Mini Flex is priced at $59.95.  Additional Add Ons are available including CO2 cartridges, taps and more.  It ships as part of Keg Connections Flat Rate Shipping program.  That means you can get this and one of these stellar keg deals and pay one flat shipping fee…

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