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About BYO Mag:

  • Over 3,000 updated articles from our archives in one convenient place
  • An expanded assortment of tools, advice, and instructions to enlarge your knowledge and deepen the pleasure of brewing your own batches
  • Full access to our 10 BYO Special Issues – an $85 value if purchased on the newsstand – available in a digital content format for the first time
  • 20 years of homebrewing questions and answers sorted and organized from the popular Ask Mr. Wizard section
  • 1,000s of tested recipes
  • More of the science behind the processes and procedures—more insights from our community of experts about the how and why—that make homebrewing an art as well as a science
  • Enhanced search capabilities and better indexing to help you find what you want, easily and quickly
  • A mobile-optimized website for anytime/anywhere access on practically every portable computing device
  • Future issues of Brew Your Own will be added automatically as new digital content for your convenience
  • Exclusive monthly Q&A session with a Brew Your Own expert columnist

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