New from Blichmann Engineering: Pro Series Turnkey Systems

Complete electric brewing systems from Blichmann Engineering! These are turnkey brewing systems that come with everything you need for mashing, boiling, sparging and cooling! Part of their pro series, Blichmann has taken the hassle out of cobbling together a brewing system by including everything you need for brewing except the fermenters! These systems are perfect for home use or as pilot systems for commercial breweries. No fuss, no hassle, just pure brewing power from Blichmann Engineering!As of this posting,

Great Fermentations has Blichmann Pro Series Turnkey Systems (5 gallons up to 1BBL) available pre-order.  Pirces start at $4,999.  Check Great Fermentations for up to the minute selection and prices.

Blichmann Engineering Pro Series Turnkey Systems

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