Leland Mini Ball Lock CO2 Regulator – $125.99 w/Dispensing Sale + Hands on Review

Leland Mini CO2 Regulator Kit (for ball lock kegs) for serving your beer on the go and more.  Check out my Hands on Review of this great regulator.

Mini Regulator Uses

Portable Serving: As an on-the-go regulator.

Backup – I’m out of CO2 and I want to pour a beer! Use as a backup if your main CO2 tank runs out.  Swap out the CO2 line for this regulator and you’ve got a temporary solution to keep you up and going until you can get more CO2.

Serve Beers at Alternate Carbonation Levels: This regulator goes up to 30 PSI.  That’s plenty to serve high carbonation beers like Hefeweizens and Belgians.  If you don’t have a dual or triple pressure setup, you could use this regulator to serve beers at higher pressures.  I would not suggest force carbonation with this unit.  The 74g cartridges would be pricey. You could carbonate using your existing regulator or just as easily naturally carbonate with priming sugar.  After the beer is completely carbonated, use this to serve at the higher pressure.


As of this posting promo Code SHARE10 takes 10% Off 50+ Beer Dispensing Equipment and Accessories.  This regulator is included in the mix.  That discount brings it down to $125.99.  Shipping is free to most US addresses.

Mini CO2 Regulator Kit KEG960 – remember coupon SHARE10

Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing

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