25% Off Omega Labs Yeast – includes “Conan” strain

From Home Brew Supply: “Omega Yeast Labs has a propagation process orientated around producing metabolically strong yeast to result in healthy fermentations. Omega’s process aims to generate the optimal number of yeast cells, which may vary from strain from strain, to provide the best and most consistent performance for each particular yeast strain. The majority of strains that Omega provides contain at least 150 billion viable yeast cells at packaging.”

Omega Labs also have some interesting and unique strains including a OYL-052… “A strong fermenter popularly referred to as the “Conan.” This strain is thought to originate from an often-hunted, soaringly-rated Vermont beer. Its peach, apricot, and pineapple notes are steroids for hops, complementing in particular modern fruity hop profiles, like in the hot-topic New England IPA.”.  The Conan strain is used by Alchemist Brewing to produce their nearly impossible to find Heady Topper.  See: OYL-052

Home Brew Supply Currently Carries
  • Omega Yeast DIPA Ale Yeast | OYL-052
  • Omega Yeast Hefeweizen Ale Yeast | OYL-021
  • Omega Yeast West Coast Ale I Yeast | OYL-004
  • Omega Yeast British Ale I Yeast | OYL-006
  • Omega Yeast British Ale VII Yeast | OYL-016
  • Omega Yeast Irish Ale Yeast | OYL-005
  • Omega Yeast Belgian Ale A Yeast | OYL-024
  • Omega Yeast Belgian Ale W Yeast | OYL-028
  • Omega Yeast Saisonstein’s Monster Yeast | OYL-500
  • Omega Yeast Bayern Lager Yeast | OYL-114
  • Omega Yeast Bit O’ Funk Brett Blend | OYL-211
  • Omega Yeast All The Bretts Blend | OYL-218
  • Omega Yeast C2C American Farm House Brett Strain | OYL-217
  • Omega Yeast HotHead Ale Yeast | OYL-057
  • Omega Yeast Lactobacillus Blend | OYL-605
  • Omega Yeast Where Da Funk? Brett Blend | OYL-210
  • Omega Yeast Bring On Da Funk Brett Blend | OYL-212

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