Nubee Temperature Gun – Non-Contact Digital IR Thermometer [for yeast rehydration & more]


Nubee Temperature Gun Non-contact Infrared Thermometer MAX Display & EMS Adjustable

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  • Max temperature function: it can take the highest temperature of the area tested by scanning and save the data at the bottom of the screen.
  • EMS adjustable function: each object has its suitable emissivity, the adjustable emissivity function can make the test more accurate by adjust suitable emissivity for different objects.
  • Measures in Celsius or Fahrenheit (Range: -50°C to +550°C /-58 °F to +1022°F), Auto Shut-off & Low Battery Indicator, take accurate temperature readings with this handheld gun
  • Red laser pointer for precise aiming, Powered by one 9-volt battery(INCLUDE)
  • U.S. FDA, FCC, CE, ROHS approved.


Since this is no touch, you can check the temp of yeast washing and yeast rehydration water and your starter wort without the risk of infection.  I find mine particularly useful for rehydrating yeast.

Infrared thermometers should not be considered a direct replacement for your standard thermometer.  A quality IR thermometer will give you a close approximation of surface temperatures.  Note that steam seems to throw off readings.  Uses include: Contained yeast rehydration water, chilled wort or starter temperature, kegerator, fermenter or fermenation area and beer tasting samples.  If you’re looking for a standard thermometer, consider these two Top FindsCDN DTQ450X – ThermoWorks Thermapen

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Nubee Temperature Gun Non-contact Infrared Thermometer MAX Display & EMS Adjustable -58℉~1022℉ (-50℃~550℃)

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