Three Recipes from the How to Brew, 4th Ed by John Palmer

how to brew john palmerPictured: Fourth Edition of the Homebrew Classic How to Brew by John J Palmer voa A,azpm

How to Brew by John Palmer is arguably required reading for homebrewers.  It’s a homebrewing classic and contains a wealth of information for beginning, intermediate and advanced homebrewers.  Tips, techniques, how-tos, recipes and more.

Want a sneak peak at some of the recipes available in the fourth edition of How to Brew?  See below for three recipes from the book.

Recipe #1: HBF Reader Jeff (thanks Jeff!) points out that the Amazon product page has a recipe from the book.  It’s called “Victory & Chaos English IPA” both extract and all grain versions can be found in the product description.

Recipe #2 – “Leaked” by the AHA:

Klang Freudenfest Oktoberfest (All-Grain) via the AHA and Brewers Publications

Recipe #3 – AHA’s Recipe of the Week, Rushmore IPA:

Rushmore IPA via the AHA

Also: How to Brew by John Palmer, First Edition – Free Online Access

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