Brew Hardware FFL to Male Beer Thread Adapter – homebrew kegs on commercial system – $5.99

Female Flare Adapter to Beer Thread via Brew Hardware.  This adapts ball lock QDs to beer thread.  These fittings allow you to easily serve homebrew kegs on a commercial kegerator.

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Woah, what’s that? A game changer? Yes!

Picture this. You use homebrew corny kegs for you beer but you want to bring a keg over to your buddy’s house for a party. The problem is that he has a commercial kegerator and no, he won’t let you cut the hoses to attach your ball lock QDs. How about trying to serve from a corny keg at a commercial facility, such as for a wedding? There’s no way you’re going to get them to modify the lines.

Thread these fittings on your MFL equipped ball lock beer and gas quick disconnects and now you can thread on any hoses that are part of a Sanke keg dispensing system.

The picture shows the adapter threaded on to a black QD and there are other pieces shown as well. This item and price is for ONE fitting with 1/4″ FFL threads on one side and 7/8″ Male Beer thread. It does not include anything else in the picture. Beer thread is what is typically found on the back of a faucet shank. Therefore it is compatible with all of our tailpieces and beer nuts. You will need TWO of these fittings to convert a SANKE/commercial kegerator to ball lock soda keg connection, one ball lock liquid QD and one ball lock gas QD.

The tailpieces that are attached to your kegerator hoses SHOULD have black gaskets as shown in the picture. You may as well pick up some replacements while you’re buying these fittings. One last thing… if your gas tailpiece has a small bump out on its face (compare it to the liquid one to see), you’ll be thrilled to know that the latest version of these fittings has a counterbore on the face to accept this odd tailpiece.


As of this posting, Brew Hardware has this on sale for $5.99.  Check product page for up to the minute price and availability.


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