Brass Cold Block for Kegerator Chilling Lines – Fight the First Foamy Pint

Brass Draft Beer Shank Cold Block for Glycol Chilling Line

Brass Draft Beer Shank Cold Block for Glycol Chilling Line Kegerator Cold Block Shank Chiller for Glycol Installations

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The Cold Block is designed to thread onto your faucet shank and pinch a glycol cold line between the “jaws” of the two pieces. This is an advanced optional component for the discerning kegerator builder. Whereas a block constructed from aluminum is very poor at retaining temperature due to high thermal conductivity, brass has a considerably lower thermal conductivity rating. This is a fancy way of meaning it will get cold and stay cold, keeping your beer chilled all the way from keg to faucet to glass. Note: some beers have more desirable flavor profiles at warmer temperatures, but if you’re going for refreshing, there’s few things better than a frosty pour. This is a set of 2.


This threads onto a standard beer shank and accepts a glycol line.  The idea is to keep  your shanks cold and reduce foam.

Most homebrewers are not going to have a glycol setup.  You could rig up a recirculating pump and recirculate water to accomplish the same sort of thing.  You would need to make sure your tubing size is compatible with the blocks.  Install one on each shank and loop your glycol/recirculating water line across them all.

As if this posting, this is eBay offering is selling for $29.99. Shipping is also free to many US addresses.

Brass Draft Beer Shank Cold Block for Glycol Chilling Line Kegerator

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