Omega Yeast Vermont DIPA – Conan Heady Topper


Brew Hardware carries Omega Yeast Labs line of yeast.  Omega includes 150 billion cells (vs a more typical 100 billion cell homebrew pitch).

OYL-052 DIPA Ale is in stock.  About: “Ale strain isolated from a famous double IPA brewed in Vermont. Produces a unique ester profile reminiscent of peaches. This strain complements an aggressive use of hops”.  There is a common thought that this is mostly likely the Conan Strain that’s used for The Alchemists Heady Topper.

Shipping is a Flat $7.99 with a $150 order or free with a $299 order.  Check out recently featured Brew Hardware Finds.

Check out the full lineup – Omega Labs Yeast at Brew Hardware | OYL-052 DIPA

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