16 Gallon Bayou Classic Kettle, Thermometer, Ball Valve & More

61dIBYP2slL.Bayou Classic 800-416 16 Gallon Stainless Steel 6 Piece Brew Kettle

Bayou Classic 800-416 16 Gallon stainless kettle, ball valve, thermometer, lid, bazooka screen and false bottom.

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  • Complete brew kit
  • All stainless construction
  • Tri-ply bottom
  • False bottom, spigot and spigot screen.

Bayou Classic, Premium 16-gallon Brew Kettle, 6-pc set, is designed for the serious All-Grain Home Brewer. This premium stainless kettle features a tri-ply bottom and includes a domed lid, stainless Spigot with Ball Valve, side-mount 3-inch Brew Thermometer ranging 60-220 degrees, stainless False Bottom that sets 3.25 Inch above the bottom of the pot, and a tube shaped Filter Screen. Bulkhead fittings enable easy attachment of thermometer and spigot for a water-tight seal. Side calibration measuring in gallon and quart that read from the inside of the kettle, enabling more accurate water level setting. The try-ply bottom promotes even heating and fights against scorching, while the all stainless construction has no interaction with wort or acids. The narrow diameter and high side walls reduce the chance of boil overs; and the false bottom fits tightly on the low side indention to reduce particles and grain from entering the spigot chamber. Stainless Thermometer with 2 inches Stem.


Bayou Classic 800-416 16 Gallon Stainless Steel 6 Piece Brew Kettle – note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

1 thought on “16 Gallon Bayou Classic Kettle, Thermometer, Ball Valve & More

  1. Ari Levinsohn

    Bayou Classic 800-416 Stainless False Bottom/Steam Tray for Bayou Classic Model 1064/1316/800-416, 15.5-Inch Diameter

    Thanks so much for this. I bought one the first day you posted it for $131, then the next day it went down to $126 so I canceled my first order and bought another one…long story short, I now have two and am very excited. I unboxed one and it is fantastic for the price. So excited to use these instead of my keggles.


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