Three Free Hops – When you Join or Renew AHA Membership


If you’re not a member of the American Homebrewer’s Association, I think you should consider joining – Here’s Why

For a limited time, when you join or renew your membership in the AHA…  you will receive seven ounces of free hops including Simcoe, Warrior and the newly unveiled Ekuanot.    This is a $25 value.  You’ll also receive a free recipe featuring this hop trio.

To get the free hops use promo code YCHTrio during checkout.

Join Now  – Enter offer code YCHTrio at checkout to redeem

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A Note from the AHA: The hops will not appear on your confirmation receipt, but rest assured, they WILL be shipped to you if you include the offer code at checkout!

More About the AHA & These Three Hops

From the AHA…

For a limited time, when you join or renew your membership in the AHA…  you will receive 6 ounces of Mosaic™ hops from BSG absolutely free.

Join or Renew in September and Receive a Trio of Hops FREE—While Supplies Last!
Join the AHA or renew your membership in September and receive seven ounces of three hop varieties: Simcoe®, Warrior® and the newly unveiled Ekuanot™ hops, a $25 value.

We’ll also include a FREE homebrew recipe featuring this hop trio. Simply use the code YCHTrio to redeem this offer. Hurry, there’s only a limited quantity available!

Use offer code YCHTrio to redeem

About this Trio of FREE YCH HOPS

Ekuanot Hops
•Aroma Characteristics: Melon, berry, citrus-lime, apple, papaya and green pepper
•Alpha Acids: 14.5% – 15.5%
•Beta Acids: 4.5% – 5.5%

Simcoe Hops
•Aroma Characteristics: Passion fruit, pine, earthy and citrus
•Alpha Acids: 12% – 14%
•Beta Acids: 4% – 5%

Warrior Hops
•Aroma Characteristics: Mild, resinous and subtle pine
•Alpha Acids: 15% – 18%
•Beta Acids: 4.3% – 5.3%

About the AHA
The not-for-profit American Homebrewers Association delivers exceptional value to its community of 46,000+ beer-loving members, offering six issues of Zymurgy magazine each year, more than 1,400 money-saving AHA Member Deals at breweries, pubs and homebrew shops, access to exclusive events and competitions, and much, much more. Learn all about AHA member benefits.

“Since joining, I’ve learned a ton from Zymurgy and their website, and paid for my yearly dues in discounts and free stuff at an AHA Rally. Totally worth it and they do a lot of great stuff for their members that help in other ways. Construction worker/lumberjack/other manlyman? They offer a 10% discount at all Carhartt stores.” — beerforbreakfast91, via Reddit


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