100 Ft – 3/16″ ID Tubing

ATP Vinyl-Flex PVC Food Grade Plastic Tubing, Clear, 3/16" ID x 5/16" OD, 100 feet Length

100 Feet of 3/16″ ID  Tubing by ATP.  FDA Approved and NSF Certified.  3/16″ ID, 5/16″ OD.  Rated for a maximum pressure of 55 PSI.

NSF 61 compliant for use in potable water and food and beverage applications.

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ATP Vinyl-Flex PVC Plastic Tubing, Clear, 3/16″ ID x 5/16″ OD, 100 feet Length

Also available in 1/4″ ID: ATP Vinyl-Flex PVC Plastic Tubing, Clear, 1/4″ ID x 3/8″ OD, 100 feet Length

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2 thoughts on “100 Ft – 3/16″ ID Tubing

  1. Jeremy

    The tubing you are recommending is not suitable for beer line use, this is very thin wall(1/16″ wall thickness) tubing with an outer diameter of 5/16″. This will kink very easily. The proper beer line should be 7/16″ OD and twice the wall thickness of this line. The tubing is also not properly rated for beer use( NSF-61). This is drinking water approval, NOT for use with Beer/Beverages, that would be NSF-51 approval which has very different standards. With NSF-61 flavor permeability is not an issue since its rated for just drinking water, NSF-51 is tested for flavor permeability, oxygen permeability, as well as resistance to alcohols present in Beverages. Using NSF-61 rated tubing could result in leaching of unwanted compounds into the beer.


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