New: Camlock to Ball Lock Keg Liquid Post Fitting


New from Brewhardware Male Camlock to Ball Lock Keg Liquid Post Fitting

About from Brew Hardware: “This is probably what happens when you mix strong beers with a creative jam on Autocad. Did you ever want to hook your chugger pump up to your keg beer lines for cleaning?

This is a solid piece of machined 304SS with a male camlock on one side and a ball lock liquid QD on the other. Note that this does NOT have a poppit like a traditional post have a pair of 3mm diameter holes bored all the way through similar to our jumper posts. It will open up the poppit on your black QD and allow flow through to the camlock side.”

I’ve used Camlock QDs on my kettles, mash tun, pumps and tubing for a long time.  They have worked great for me.  I put male connectors kettles, mash tuns and pumps and use female connectors for tubing.  Standardizing on this (or the opposite) means you can use tubing as jumpers and always have the availability to connect your gear.


Camlock Quick Disconnects at Brew Hardware

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