Dr Meter pH Meter

Dr.Meter® 0.01pH PH001 High Accuracy Pocket Size pH Meter with ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) Backlit Light LCD 0-14 pH Measurement Range, 0.01 Resolution Handheld pH Pen Tester

PH001 pH Meter from Dr Meter,  Measurement range of 0-14 pH.  Backlit display.  Includes carrying case and 6.86 and 4.01 pH buffers.

You can use a pH meter to check the pH of your water, mash, [test Star San effectiveness] and finished beer.

Dr.Meter 0.01pH High Accuracy Pocket Size pH Meter with ATC Backlit 0-14 pH Measurement Range

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1 thought on “Dr Meter pH Meter

  1. Dean

    I purchased this to replace a similar meter that costs over four times as much. So far this meter seems to be quite accurate. After adjusting with a 7.0 solution, the 4.0 solution test is spot on as well. After sitting for three weeks or so I tested prior to use and no adjustment was necessary.


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