10 lbs 2 Row


10 lbs of 2 Row Brewers Malt by Briess


2-Row Brewers Malt For Home Brewing Whole Grain 10lbs

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7 thoughts on “10 lbs 2 Row

  1. Rich

    I ordered this malt when it was $.67 per pound. Sounded too good to be true, and it was! It arrived in a very beat up box, all 4 bags were “sealed” by a rubberband, which had broken open, spilling malt in the box, and the malt was VERY old. I wouldn’t recommend it…

      1. Rich

        The kernels were gummy instead of crunchy, discolored (gray instead of the normal tan), and severely shriveled.

  2. John

    It showed up as unavailable for 15 mins, then allowed me to purchase 6. It currently still shows as available at time of posting.

  3. Harrison

    Adding three of these 10 lb bags brought my total to $26.22 and was enough to satisfy the $25 minimum for add-on items.


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