BIAB Brew in a Bag Kettle Kit… $99.99… Shipped + BIAB Brew Day Spreadsheet


Brew in a Bag Kettle Kit from MoreBeer.  Includes 8.5 Gallon SS Kettle with 1/2″ FPT Fittings, 29″ x 28″ Mesh bag, Ball Valve and more.  This gets you set up for both BIAB mashing and with a boil kettle.  Related: Check out my BIAB Brew Day Spreadsheet for easy water calculations and adjustments.

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“Our BIAB, Brew In A Bag, kettle and bag kit is the most affordable way to get into all-grain brewing.  This hardware kit includes an 8.5 gallon kettle, ball valve, hose barb connection, 1/2″ plug and teflon tape to seal the connections. While it does not include directions (you easily google  BIAB),  the basic concept is that you place the bag in the kettle, add the grain from your recipe along with a measured amount of hot water and let it steep for 60 minutes. You then remove the bag and boil with hops in the same vessel.  Very easy.”

Brew in a bag kit includes:

  • 8.5 gallon economy kettles with 1/2″ FPT fittings
  • 1/2″ stainless steel ball valve, with stainless hex nipple and 1/2″ stainless steel barb
  • Stainless steel pluig for thermometer port (or add
  • 29″ X 29″ nylon mesh bag with drawstring
  • Roll of teflon tape


This is selling for $124.99.  That’s a very good deal in and off itself.  Use coupon code BYOBIAB25 and the price drops another $25.  Shipping is also free.  Since MoreBeer’s cart accepts multiple coupon codes, you can get in on both this and their Deal of the Day (while supplies last).

BIAB Brew in a Bag Kettle Kit$124.99 $99.99 with promo code BYOBIAB25 + Free Shipping

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