Allied Precision 1000 Watt Immersion Bucket Heater [Pre-Wired Heat Stick] + Hands on Review

Allied Precision 742G Bucket Water Heater.  1000 Watt, 120 volt with stainless steel guard.

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

  • HEAT 5 GALLONS OF WATER IN JUST MINUTES. Drop the portable bucket heater into water and it automatically starts working. While immersed, it will heat continuously past 150 degrees F and towards boiling, depending on the volume of the water and the container’s insulation.
  • AUTOMATICALLY SHUTS OFF TO PREVENT OVERHEATING. Thermostatically controlled immersion water heater, means it automatically turns on and off as needed to maintain water temp. It will not overheat and saves power when not needed. Use for cold weather and travel.
  • LARGE DESIGN FITS PERFECTLY IN 5 GALLON BUCKET. Don’t mess around with the smaller coil type submersible water heater products. The large size of the API Bucket Heater is designed to rest submerged in a 5 gallon bucket. Must be in 9″ of water to work properly.
  • SAFE FOR USE IN ALL PAILS AND BUCKETS. Meets UL standards and is CSA listed. The stainless steel guard on the electric bucket heater protects the heating element from touching the bucket and prevents damage to the element itself. Won’t melt plastic buckets.
  • EXTRA FEATURES DESIGNED TO GIVE YOU YEARS OF USE. Designed for heavy duty use. 6 foot power cord; 120v and 1000 watts; 3 prong plug. Used in many trades including masonry work, concrete work, wallpapering, agriculture, professional cleaning and more.
  • Designed to continuously heat buckets of water
  • 1000 watt, 120 volt power will heat water over 150º


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I have this and find it very handy.  I use it to assist with heating strike and sparge water on brew day.  Check out my Hands on Review for a good look at this heat stick including temp trials.

Allied Precision The Premier Line 742G Bucket Water Heater, Electric Immersion Heating Element Heats 5 Gallons of Water in Minutes with Auto Shutoff, Submersible Design is Heavy Duty and Portable 120V

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Make sure the components you use are compatible and rated for your intended application.  Contact manufacturer with questions about suitability or a specific application.  Always read and follow manufacturer directions.


1 thought on “Allied Precision 1000 Watt Immersion Bucket Heater [Pre-Wired Heat Stick] + Hands on Review

  1. Andrew

    Might want to consider a used older generation ANOVA immersion sous vide heater for only a few bucks more — adds actual temp control, recirculation, and more wattage. I’m loving mine for stovetop mashes, assisted by the stove when temperature ramping is needed. I even stick it back in with heat off to circulate with a immersion chiller — no more need to stir with the chiller!


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