Ss Brewing Technologies: New All-Stainless Solution for Stove Top and Small-Batch Brewing


from Ss Brewing Technologies:

Introducing a New All-Stainless Solution for Stove Top and Small-Batch Brewing!

While there have been countless options offered for small batch brewing utilizing plastic buckets and bargain kettles.  We would like to introduce our answer for stove top and extract brewers that prefer an all-stainless brewing system.

We have outfitted our all-new 5.5 gallon Kettle with all of the great features found on our complete line full size kettles, and simply made them available for 2.5-3 gallon batch sizes.  These features include an induction capable tri-clad bottom, full 3-piece ball valve, etched volume markings, trub dam, molded silicone handles, and a pre-punched thermometer port. Our new kettle is perfect for a variety of uses such as piloting batches, stove stop BIAB, extract, or simply brewing small batches as part of a full 3 vessel all-grain system.  Furthermore, we even have our ½ BBL and 1 BBL Chronical users pre-ordering these kettles alongside the Brew Bucket Mini for creating larger yeast starters.

In addition, our new Brew Bucket Mini includes a host of new features, including a specially designed silicone base, 3/8” rotatable stainless ball valve and dip tube/racking arm, conical bottom, and etched volume markings.  In addition, the total volume of the Brew Bucket Mini is 3.5 gallons, offering nearly 20% of headspace for 3 gallon batches.  We even have 5 gallon brewers that split batches using 2 Brew Bucket Minis for testing multiple yeast strains.  Lastly, the Brew Bucket mini is made of 100% sanitary 304 stainless, and will outlast any plastic bucket!

Our Brew Bucket Mini is available for immediate purchase here

We will start shipping 5.5 gallon Kettles within the next week or two, but they are available for pre-order here

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