Wyeast Private Collection Yeast Strains Released + Free Glass with Pliny

Private Collection Yeast

from Great Fermentations:  “Each quarter, Wyeast has a special release of 3 yeast strains called their Private Collection. These strains are very unique and are only available while supplies last for that given quarter. Sometimes these strains will come back in future releases, and other times they will be gone forever! Check back here each quarter for the latest Private Collection yeasts, and make sure to order yours while they’re available.

Q1 2016 Strains: This quarter, Wyeast is featuring 3 unique British Strains for those who love beers from across the pond! Take your favorite recipe and change it up a bit with a new strain from Wyeast!”

Selections include 1026-PC British Cask Ale, 1768-PC English Special Bitter and 1882-PC Thames Valley II Ale Yeast.  Check out the full lineup – Q1 2016 Wyeast Private Collection Yeast

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