ACCUmash – Dial in PH and Malt/Hop Balance


Accumash a patent-pending brewing additive designed to help you dial in both your mash pH and help accentuate hoppy and malty beers (as well as dial in balanced beers).

Use in conjunction with RO or distilled water and any all grain brewing technique (batch sparge, fly sparge and BIAB).  Since this is tailored to beer, there are multiple formulations based on the beer you’re brewing and the flavor profile you’re looking for.  Just choose a beer color range, gravity range and your desired finished flavor profile (hoppy or malty) on the Accumash product page. Also: Hands On: 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter by Reverse Osmosis Revolution

Accumash makes it easy to treat your water.  A few gallons of RO/DI water (made yourself or store bought) and Accumash lets you take control of your water.

Accumash is available at Beer & Wine Hobby

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9 thoughts on “ACCUmash – Dial in PH and Malt/Hop Balance

  1. Chris

    This is a great deal. Cheaper than lhbs and delivered to your door. Doing the bourbon porter for a second time. Many have said it’s their favorite beer. Trying the milk stout too.

    3 kits for $70 shipped is bonkers.

  2. Jeff R

    I was able to add the extra $10 from the previous gift card deal too! Got almost $130 of kit (Bourbon, Kiwi, and Aces) for around $65 shipped! Northern doesn’t always have “deals” that are worth it, but this is a great one!!

  3. Brian

    This is an incredible deal…I’ve never ordered through NB before so was able to use a 10% discount too. Thanks for bring this one to our attention!

  4. nick

    I usually piece together my own recipes but this is a great deal. Very hard to put together a full recipe for $23.00 each. I went with Dead Ringer, Kiwi and Karma.

  5. Travis

    I’ve brewed the Kama Citra Session IPA, the Chinook IPA, and the Kiwi Express IPA. All three were excellent. I’m buying the Kama Citra and Kiwi Express again and trying the Dead Ringer IPA.


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