Kalsec Craft Brew Solutions Advanced Hop Extracts


Advanced Hop Extracts by Kalsec Brewing Solutions are post fermentation additives derived from hops.  Each 8 oz/250 gram bottle is designed to be used with… 50 to 75 barrels of beer.

Two varieties [Trop Hopical and Hopfenatic] seem to be focused on hop flavor and aroma,  While one focuses on head retention [Head Master] and another focuses on adding bitterness [Bitter Blaster].  Since these are for post fermentation, they should allow you to correct and adjust beers on the fly.

Kalsec Craft Brew Solutions Trop Hopical Advanced Hop Extract [Liquid, 8 Oz. Bottle]

Kalsec Craft Brew Solutions Hopfenatic Advanced Hop Extract [Liquid, 8 Oz. Bottle]

Kalsec Craft Brew Solutions Head Master Advanced Hop Extract [Liquid, 8 Oz. Bottle]

Kalsec Craft Brew Solutions Bitter Blaster Advanced Hop Extract [Liquid, 8 Oz. Bottle]

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5 thoughts on “Kalsec Craft Brew Solutions Advanced Hop Extracts

  1. Corey

    Also, the response from the manufacturer states that the bottle will only be good for about 1 month after it is opened. I don’t imagine there are many, if any, homebrewers that make 50BBLS/months. It’d be awesome if they made a version of these products that are maybe more diluted and in smaller quantities for homebrewers to use.

  2. Doug

    I would expect it to be extremely difficult to use this on a homebrew scale. A 5-gallon batch would use something in the neighborhood of 1/2 to 3/4 of a gram, which is like 1/50th of an ounce. That will be extremely difficult to measure accurately for most people.

    1. Ryan

      Looks like it will keep for a month after opening, so at this quantity I can only see this useful for a HB club or for Pro brewers. Still looks interesting to experiment with if there were smaller quantities available.

    2. Josh

      I’d love to see a more dilute version of this sold in small units for homebrew use. If it was less concentrated, so that a 5mL package (syringe? ketchup packet? sugar cube?) would be useful in 5 gallons or something, and could be had for a few bucks a dose, I could see checking it out.

      1. M Powell

        I bought a bottle, and I’m going to try to dilute the oils in vodka, put into a syringe, and try to seal them in nitrogen flushed vacuum bags. We’ll see how it works out!


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