White Labs Professional Beer Analysis Sample Kit – Test for ABV and IBUs

Beer Analysis Sample Kit

White Labs Beer Analysis Sample Kit comes with directions, A sterile sample bottle and a pre-paid label.  You take a sample of your beer and send it to White Labs for analysis at the analytical laboratory at White Labs.

The only other similar service that I’ve aware of is White Labs “Big QC” Day.  With that got you was two beers tested for $139.  That was marketed as a $500 service.  To be fair it’s been a while since I’ve seen that offered and I don’t know if this is the most recent price.  Also that included more tests than this kit does.  I think… Diacetyl, alcohol content, calories, color, real and apparent attenuation and microbiological contaminants.  Some of those tests are still available with this analysis kit for an additional charge.

The Beer Analysis Sample Kit checks for alcohol by volume and IBUs, with users being able to purchase a multitude of other testing options including diacetyl, alcohol, gluten, bacteria and wild yeast. Additional tests for purchase on Yeastman-dot-com include color analysis, SO2, bacteria and wild yeast, and diacetyl.

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Check it out – White Labs Beer Analysis Sample Kit

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