udemy $10 Course Sale – Beer, Brewing & Lots More


Online learning provider udemy offers thousands of courses.  Courses are available on-demand 24/7 via web browser, iPhone, iPad and Android.  Many offer lifetime access.

udemy offers a number of courses that are interesting to homebrewers, including beer and brewing related courses (includes Brew Real Beer, Beer Making 101, Beer and Cellar Management, I brew-U brew and more), Wine (Become a Wine & Wine Pairing Expert, Becoming a Wine Connoisseur, Wine 101, Home Wine Making for Complete Beginners and More), Biology, and Chemistry

udemy has a $10 Course Sale going on that discounts thousands of courses including some beer and wine titles.  Use promo code LEARN10 to get the discount.

Search beer at udemy – remember to use promo code LEARN10

Classes at udemy – Beer and Brewing Courses – Wine – Biology – Chemistry

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