Pico 5L Counter Top Electric System on Kickstarter


Picobrew (from the folks behind the Zymatic brewing appliance) have launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the Pico Countertop Electric System.  The Pico is designed to produce 5L batches of all grain beer with “PicoPaks”.  Basically a drop it in and press the button small batch system.  It’s my understanding that to brew your own recipe, you order a customized PicoPak containing the required ingredients.

I have PicoBrew Zymatic System and so far I’m impressed.  The Zymatic produces larger finished batches and allows you to use your own ingredients (without the need of a PicoPak)

Check it out – Pico on Kickstarter – This Kickstarter has ended

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Standard Kickstarter caveats apply.  You are investing in a prospective product that may be in the pre-release stages of development.  Risks are involved as your reward may not be fulfilled.

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