Hands On Review: Chemical Guys Chemical Resistant Heavy Duty Bottle & Sprayer + Star San Tips & Tricks

Chemical Guys Spray Bottle

The Spray Bottle Method of Sanitizing With Star San

I’ve long been an advocate of the Spray Bottle Method of sanitizing with Star San. This technique is easy, effective and stretches Star San out so that one bottle lasts for many batches.

See My Star San Tips and Tricks for lots more about this great technique.

I purchased this bottle in 2015 to help me sanitize homebrew equipment using the Spray Bottle Method.

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Why Chemical Resistance Is Important

I used to store diluted Star San in a distilled water gallon jug.  When it eventually ate through the plastic and leaked all over… I realized that was a bad idea.  Depending on the composition of the material acids like Star San can dissolve plastics.  After cleaning up the mess, I went looking for a chemical resistant bottle and found this one. See section below on my schedule for regular replacement.

Hands on Review: Chemical Guys Professional Chemical Resistant Heavy Duty Bottle and Sprayer

cln_img_0060Front of the bottlecln_img_0058The bottle has an area to mark hazard ratingscln_img_0062It also has areas for notating contents and ingredientscln_img_0057A closer look at the spray head.  The sprayer feels well made and delivers a smooth and fluid spraying action.

Regular Replacement

My original bottle held up for over 7 years without visible issues. I have since moved to regularly replacing bottles used for Star San.  Why?

Five Star Chemicals says that you should not soak items in Star San solution for extended periods of time. Even chemical resistant bottles are not impervious to damage caused by extended exposure to acid. Glass and stainless are exceptions. I can’t tell you an exact time frame, but personally, I’m now aiming to replace these every six months. See: Star San Tips and Tricks


This is a spray bottle.  This isn’t an automated electric brew house.  It’s a simple uni-tasker.  My main concern was whether it would hold up over time.

The bottle I reviewed was purchased in 2015. Design and features may have changed since that time. That original bottle lasted for years and remained leak free.

Feedback from HBF Reader Da Kine: “This is a great product. I had some bottles from Ace Hardware that lasted maybe 2 brews. Based on HBF’s hands-on review, I got some of these and they’ve lasted great over dozens of brews.”

What are others saying? Search this product’s Amazon reviews for “homebrew” – may include reviews for other sizes or variations

32 Ounce Chemical Resistant Bottle and Sprayer – note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

Shop Around – Search Amazon for “chemical resistant spray bottle”

More Star San!

Make sure the components you use are compatible and rated for your intended application.  Contact manufacturer with questions about suitability or a specific application.  Always read and follow manufacturer directions. review:chemguysbottle tag:tpr

2 thoughts on “Hands On Review: Chemical Guys Chemical Resistant Heavy Duty Bottle & Sprayer + Star San Tips & Tricks

  1. Dave M.

    I use this same bottle, my issue is that the pickup tube does not extend fully to the bottom and is not curved to the side as most spray bottles are. This design flaw causes two issues: First the unit will not spray all of it’s contents, leaving a few ounces in the bottle. Second, if the bottle is tilted to the side the pickup tube is inevitably exposed and the unit will not spray at all. Otherwise it’s a great spray bottle for Star-San or other sanitizing products and it’s strengths outweigh the weaknesses noted above.


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