Brew Ultra Draught Line Conversion Kit – Coiled Tubing

Brew Ultra Draught Line Conversion Kit

via MoreBeer [Also: Sale Items]… EJ Beverage Brew Ultra Draft Line Conversion Kit.  PVC free and antibacterial tubing kit.  Unlike bulk EJ Tubing, this set contains coiled tubing runs.  These tight loops help you keep your draft system nice and tidy.  This set is more expensive when compared to traditional EJ tubing because the coiling process actually costs more than than producing the tubing itself.

You get:

  • 7′ of 3/16” ID Ultra Barrier Silver™ Antimicrobial and PVC Free Beer Tubing
  • 5’ of 5/16” ID Ultra Barrier Gas™ PVC Free Beer Tubing with red stripe for easy identification
  • 4 Reusable Handy Clamps
  • 1 EJ Tubing Magnet

Brew Ultra Draught Line Conversion Kit KEG350

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