“No Keg” Ball Lock Kegging System – $76.99

Basic Kegging Kit

This basic kegging setup gets you… a high quality Taprite Regulator (with tool-less adjustment), beverage tubing, gas tubing, hose clamps, faucet,  Ball Lock liquid QD and Ball Lock gas QD.  This has been on sale but dropped a couple more dollars to $76.99

You need a ball lock keg and a CO2 Tank to complete the setup.  This is a great setup if you’ve already acquired a keg [5 Most Recent Keg Finds].  Pick up a good used CO2 tank locally and whammo, you’re good to go.  If you need a keg consider – [Kegging System with Used Keg] and [Kegging System with New Keg] both on sale as of this posting.

Homebrew Kegging Kit BALL LOCK (no keg) – $76.99

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