9 thoughts on “New from Northern Brewer – FastPitched Canned Starter Wort

  1. Adam

    Despite all the nay-sayers, I like this product a lot.

    I tend to brew mid week if I have a half day at work, so being able to crack open one of these cans, plus some bottled water (you don’t *have* to use tap water – so use something sterile or at least supposedly sterile), and a vial of yeast means 10 minutes to make a starter on an evening when I don’t have much time.

    I’m willing to pay the price penalty to still make a starter, but make it more convenient.

  2. Chris

    Actually it is $10 for a four pack, so $2.50 for the 100g. Three lbs of dme at my lhbs is about $16 for muntons which works out to about $1.17 for 100g. So this product is a little more than double. That is not factoring in the cost of hearing the wort to boil and the cost of chilling it. Granted not a lot, but some. For the time saved it may be worth it. On the other hand I’ll take 3lbs of dme and pressure can 14 quart jars of ready to use starter wort. That will last me for a bit.

  3. Travis Simpkins

    Very Gimmick’ey. Home brewers are prone to doing things ‘the hard way’. Cutting corners teaches them nothing. What about stepping up the gravity of your starter? Where’s the fail safe there? Oh I’m going to have to mix and measure if I want to increase my yeast count and stability anyways? Well why not just do it all my damn self?
    Seriously, If you support these cans of laziness then save your time and money and just go buy your favorite sixer of beer off the shelf at the store. Shame on northern brewer for creating a lousy way to spin a dollar. There are no cutting corners in home brewing. If you’re cutting corners you are not home brewing. Period.

      1. skydvr

        OK – as a 4-pack it isn’t highway robbery. 2.50 to make a starter isn’t awful, but still, I guess I’m not their demographic. It feels like solving something that wasn’t a problem, but to each their own….

  4. Jason Chalifour

    This is perfect for creating a yeast starter on a Tuesday or Wednesday night before brewing on a Saturday or Sunday. Boiling wort and cooling a flask in an ice bath after working all day is a pain-in-the ass.

    1. Doug

      Agree completely with Jason that this would be convenient. The problem is, this is a “just add water” product, which some people are going to want to boil rather than using tap water. So basically, as far as I can tell, this is pasteurized malt extract.


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