Used Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Staves – $3.99

Sliced Bourbon Barrel Staves 2 ct.

Used Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Staves via Adventures in Homebrewing.

Used whiskey barrels are popular… really popular.  5 and 10 gallon barrels usually sell out quickly when they become available.  They are also typically relatively expensive.  These are a great way to get some of the barrel experience without the cost and space required for a barrel.

from AIH…”These sliced staves do vary in size. They are anywhere from 1/2”- 1″ wide, 1/8″-1/4″ thick and 8-13″ in length. Please keep this in mind when purchasing. Many commercial chips have allowed moisture (bourbon) to dry up. This is not the case with these sliced staves. These staves have been processed from authentic Kentucky bourbon barrels.”

As of this posting, these are available for $3.99.  Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.

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3 thoughts on “Used Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Staves – $3.99

  1. Michael

    I’ve wanted to try using barrel staves for BBA character but was hung up on the outside of the stave/barrel and contamination possibilities. I suppose I could boil these in my brewing kettle, but if I plan on putting these directly into my Big Mouth Bubbler should I worry about infection? How else would you sanitize these?

    1. admin Post author

      Personally, I wouldn’t boil these. I think you’d risk losing a lot of flavor. Maybe soak them in some additional bourbon.

    2. matt

      Toast sanitize in oven at 225+ – all these are are white oak staves.. if you are going to use bourbon to sanitize, I would go for oak chips (to save on bourbon and transfer flavor faster re: more surface area)


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