Reader Tip: $50 Off Northern Brewer Draft Brewer Kegging System

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Get $50 off a Draft Brewer Kegging System from Northern Brewer for Father’s Day.  You get one brand new 5 gallon ball lock keg, a Governor CO2 Regulator, Fully assembled gas line and a fully assembled draft line and all the required connections.  Just add a CO2 tank (pick a good used one up locally, or add a new one on to your order) and a refrigerator or temp controlled deep freeze and you’re up and going.

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News!: I’m excited to relay the information that ZX Ventures has sold it’s stake in Northern Brewer, LLC (also Midwest Supplies’ parent company)

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2 thoughts on “Reader Tip: $50 Off Northern Brewer Draft Brewer Kegging System

  1. Doug

    Governor is quality. It has pressure release valve on each output and rubber gauge covers, neither of which the taprite has. I think the adjustment knob on the taprite is a little nicer. I don’t think you can go wrong with either, though. Both are good.


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