How to Build a Mash Tun from the AHA

A how-to video from the AHA – Join.  Director Gary Glass walks through putting together a Cooler Mash Tun Build based on this 48 Quart Coleman Cooler.

This setup is based on Denny Conn’s great design.  Denny is a legendary homebrewer.  Among other things, he is the co-author of Experimental Homebrewing and the keeper of Wyeast 1450 Denny’s Favorite 50.  Check out Denny’s Author Page on Amazon see more of his books.

See the AHA’s Article on this: Building a Mash Tun has Never Been So Easy – via the American Homebrewer’s Association

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  1. Matty P

    Vinyl tubing – 7/16″ OD or 7/16″ ID? The 7/16″ OD stuff I bought doesn’t fit snug with the bung like in the video.


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