Make Your Own DIY Custom Tap Handles – 10 EZ Lok Brass Inserts – Tap Handle Ferrule

E-Z Lok Threaded Insert, Brass, Knife Thread, 3/8"-16 Internal Threads, 0.625" Length (Pack of 10)

10 Pack of EZ Lok Threaded Brass Inserts by E-Z Lok

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  • Provides a Strong Machine Thread In Hard Woods
  • Ideal For Use in Woods Like Oak, Cherry, and Maple
  • Designed For Use In Furniture, Cabinetry, Storm Windows and Tap Handles
  • Simply Drill the Appropriately Sized Hole and Install with Bolt/Jam Nut or Optional Drive Tool
  • Threaded Insert, Brass, Knife Thread, 3/8″-16 Internal Threads, 0. 625″ Length (Pack of 10)

E-Z LOK Knife Thread inserts for hard wood significantly reduce the possibility of stripping when using a threaded fasteners in materials such as oak, cherry, and maple. Ideal for applications ranging from furniture to cabinetry to tap handles, E-Z LOK Knife Threads are easily installed using a bolt and jam nut or optional drive tool. Simply drill the appropriately sized hole and thread in the insert like an ordinary fastener. Proprietary external Knife Threads slice into hard wood, providing holding power superior to that of typical broad threads which crush wood during installation.


Use to make your own custom tap handles and more.

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E-Z Lok Threaded Insert, Brass, Knife Thread, 3/8″-16 Internal Threads, 0.625″ Length (Pack of 10) – note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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