New: “Walter Wheat” Beer from MoreBeer

Walter Wheat MoreBeer

from MoreBeer: “Start brewing bad with our Walter Wheat ingredient kit! This brew is a fairly standard one, that is until the end of the boil when you add the secret ingredient: Blue Raspberry rock candy! While there isn’t a very noticeable raspberry flavor or aroma, we think the addition of these candy rocks mixed with the late addition of crystal hops help to tie the rest of the recipe together!”

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2 thoughts on “New: “Walter Wheat” Beer from MoreBeer

  1. Dan

    I love Breaking Bad, but this kit is just stupid. It’s actually kind of embarrassing. Our hobby is already on the legal fringe as it is, I don’t understand why we try to push it further there.

    But mainly, it just sounds like a lousy kit. A wheat beer with blue rock candy and crystal hops? The rock candy seems to have basically no impact, so it’s just a gimmick.


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